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Flowmill’s cloud network visibility monitors every connection in your distributed application with negligible overhead, no sampling, and no code changes.

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  • No code changes

    Data gathered transparently from the operating system, cloud provider, and orchestration platform.

  • Negligible overhead

    Minimal CPU and network impact so you can deploy in any production environment.

  • External visibility

    See beyond your application into cloud infrastructure and managed services.

  • Real-time

    Sub-second data on every connection quickly identifies edge conditions.

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    Explore the service architecture

    Map every service dependency in your application in real time, including managed services, and dissect them to understand the application architecture.

    • Discover all service connections

      Quickly identify new or unexpected dependencies or cross-zone, region, or datacenter interactions in your environment.

    • Automatically document your dependencies

      Approach each incident armed with a real-time, accurate architecture map showing every service dependency, annotated with location and version information.

    • Inform your team

      Save and share accurate, up to date architecture views with your team. Transform new team members into system experts. Let service owners see their upstream and downstream dependencies.


    Analyze any service to service interaction

    View traffic, latency, and error metrics between every pair of services in your application, all in real-time with no changes to the code.

    • Isolate the dimension you care about

      Break down metrics between pairs of services by dimensions such as zone, instance, and version to quickly narrow the search space.

    • Drilldown to the infrastructure

      Understand the reliability and performance of the network, cloud infrastructure, and managed services from the perspective of your services.

    • Customize your experience

      Built-in and configurable dashboards capture service behavior from the app layer to the network infrastructure.


    See what changed, everywhere.

    Quickly assess the overall health of every service to service interaction as well as the network and infrastructure with a global view of service to service behavior.

    • Know where to start when things go wrong

      Identify pairs of services with changes in error rates, latency, and traffic pattern across your entire architecture so you know where to start during an incident.

    • Pick out the top talkers

      See what services are responsible for generating the most cross-zone, cross-region, and Internet traffic and running up your bill.

    • Rule out infrastructure problems

      Measure if and how network problems, DNS issues, and misconfigured security policies are impacting your application.

    • Alert your team when things change

      Get notified via email, Slack, or Pagerduty when problems arise.

    Works seamlessly with the tools you love.

    Out of the box, Flowmill integrates with AWS (EC2, ECS, EKS), Kubernetes, Docker, Pagerduty, and Slack. Export data to 3rd party tools for additional review or analysis.

    Get our Free White Paper


    Automatically gather metrics and metadata about your application.

    No code changes or instrumentation are required in your application. Flowmill leverages eBPF tracing to automatically capture data from the network stack in the operating system and correlate it with service names, tags, and environment characteristics from your cloud provider, Kubernetes, ECS, or Docker.



    Get insight from data within seconds without slowing down your application.

    Flowmill agents operate with negligible overhead (less than 0.25% CPU / core and 1% network) so you can safely deploy in any production environment without impacting your application. The Flowmill agent captures sub-second data on every socket without sampling.

    The Flowmill service operates an extremely efficient processing pipeline that converts these measurements into service-based aggregate views and performs statistical analysis on them, turning data into insights in seconds.



    Designed with security as a first principle.

    Flowmill’s agents are passive components designed to never impact or compromise your systems. eBPF allows Flowmill to gather data on connections through a high performance, high resolution, but secure kernel interface. Additionally, Flowmill agents use pre-allocated memory to avoid memory leaks, and directional TLS to ensure secure communication.



    Assess the health of the network and cloud infrastructure.

    Flowmill’s approach to eBPF-based tracing provides visibility beyond the scope of your application. By monitoring every connection, it is possible to measure the impact of problems in the cloud infrastructure and managed services on every part of your application.


    Flowmill’s technology blew me away. Drop it in and you get instant visibility across tens, hundreds, or thousands of services.

    Joey Parsons
    Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Kleiner Perkins
    Former Engineering Manager, Airbnb