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Flowmill’s cloud network visibility monitors every connection in your distributed application with negligible overhead, no sampling, and no code changes.

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Analyze and query metrics in real-time

View traffic, latency, and error metrics between every pair of services in your application, all in real-time with no changes to the code.

  • Automatic metric collection
    Flowmill agent collects data on every process and socket from the operating system with no configuration.

  • Isolate the dimension you care about
    Break down metrics by service, zone, host, and version to quickly narrow the search space.

  • Drilldown to the infrastructure
    Understand the reliability and performance of the network, cloud infrastructure, and managed services from the perspective of each service and host in your fleet.


Get insight into changes in reliability, performance, and cost

Quickly assess the overall health of every service to service interaction and measure network traffic costs by service.

  • Know where to start when things go wrong
    Identify pairs of internal or managed services and with changes in error rates, latency, and traffic pattern across your entire architecture so you know where to start during an incident.

  • Optimize network traffic costs
    Understand which services generate significant cross zone or egress traffic before it affects operational cost and performance.

  • Rule out or zero-in on network problems
    Measure network packet loss, latency, DNS issues, and connection failures to see how they are impacting your services.

  • Alert your team when things change
    Get notified via email, Slack, or Pagerduty when problems arise.


Explore the service architecture

Map every service dependency in your application in real time, including managed services, and dissect them to understand the application architecture.

  • Discover known and unknown service connections
    Quickly identify new or unexpected dependencies or cross-zone, region, or datacenter interactions in your environment.

  • Automatically document your dependencies
    Approach each incident armed with a real-time, accurate architecture map showing every service dependency, annotated with location and version information


Flowmill’s technology blew me away. Drop it in and you get instant visibility across tens, hundreds, or thousands of services.

Joey Parsons
Joey Parsons

Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Kleiner Perkins
Former Engineering Manager, Airbnb